About Golden Chain Motor Inns Ltd trading as GOLDEN CHAIN MOTELS

Dear Traveller

Welcome to Golden Chain Motels.

We are proudly an all-Australian motel chain, with more locations throughout Australia than any other accommodation group.  Our independent owner/operators are dedicated to providing quality facilities and friendly hospitality.  We want you to enjoy the time you spend with Golden Chain.

Golden Chain Property Quality

In addition to being proudly all-Australian and having more locations throughout Australia than any other accommodation group, we are also most protective of our consistent standards, ranging from medium to high quality in all of our establishments.  You can expect whenever you choose to stay with a Golden Chain member property you will be assured of excellent value-for-money in that particular destination.  Room tariffs may vary throughout the hospitality industry and may not be the most reliable criteria by which to compare the expected quality.  While there are independent ratings applied to many properties in our industry, these may vary according to the differing styles of accommodations offered.

We would ask you to be the judge.  Our independent owner operators look forward to extending to you our own special "family" style hospitality.  Accordingly, during your stay, please bring to their attention any items that may need attention or not meet with your approval, plus any personal requirements, so they can be attended to immediately.

Thank you. Enjoy your stay!


The Golden Chain Board Of Directors:

David Humphreys

David Humphreys (Chairman) True Blue Motor Inn, Rockhampton


Graham Irons
Jim Barritt Begonia City Motor Inn, Sebastopol


John Sheppard
John Sheppard Mandarin Motel, Macksville


Brenton Terry
Brenton Terry FCPA, FAICD Kaiviti Motel Port Vila Vanuatu


Bill Bell
Bill Bell Golden heritage Motor Inn, Beechworth


Life Members

Life Member nominations come from the members.  Any persons so nominated is voted on by the board and acceptance of the person must be unanimous.

To become a life member is indeed a privilege and a honour, therefore, they have full voting rights at the AGM.  These members so nominated have all played a significient role in the development and growth of GOLDEN CHAIN.  We thank them for their dedication and ongoing participation.

Mr Geoff Andrews: (Member 1988-1993; Board Member 1989-1994; Chairman 1990-1994)

Mr Rob Howard: (Member Since 1989; Board Member 1990-1999 / 2003-2009; Deputy Chairman 1993-1994; Chairman 1994-1998)

Mr Mike Gorman: (Member 1989-2002; Board Member 1996-1998)

Mr Ian Lauder: (Member 1992-2003; Board Member 1992-2003; Deputy Chairman 1994-1998; Chairman 1998-2003)

Mr Bryan White: (General Manager 1989-1990; General Manager 1993-2007)

Mr John Priestley: (Member 1989-2012; Board Member 1995-2010)